Split AC Maintenance Service

No one can afford to live without a cooling system in the heating season of Dubai. In Dubai, all ACs are in use, and AC Maintenance provides all AC services. Split AC maintenance is our key feature. Split air conditioners, also known as ductless air conditioners, are among the most effective cooling solutions available today, but they will only remain that way if properly maintained. While you should leave most normal A/C maintenance to a specialist, there are several actions you can do to keep your split system running well.

Keep the outer debris-free

Dust and grime can create significant issues with your mini-split system. Put your air conditioner into your weekly dusting regimen by wiping it clean with a moist cloth. Also, ensure that outside vents are not obstructed.

Never underestimate the filters

Clogged filters can impair the performance of your ductless system. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for filter maintenance, and clean or update filters at least once a month throughout the summer.

Examine all pipes regularly

The pipes that bring cold air into your property can also collect dirt and dust. Leaks may occur in pipes as well. Maintain a close eye on the lines from time to time, like when you wash or replace your filters.

Maintain the unit space

Although ductless air conditioners require less space than central air conditioners, they nevertheless function best when given a lot of room to work in. Keep the unit away from any furniture or artwork that can collect efficiency-robbing dust. Provide your mini-split system with at least four feet of clearance in all directions.

Always hire professionals for maintenance

It is a suggestion to leave the majority of routine maintenance to experts. Annual tune-ups allow experts to check for those blockages, spot refrigerant leaks, look into electrical problems, and more. These things might save you money by preventing more expensive repairs.

Keep the cooling fins clean

Once the air filters are removed, you can see the cooling fins resembling a series of metallic lines fitted into the AC. Dust on the cooling fins may be removed with an air blower. To ensure that the air blower can remove dust from the fins, you may connect a container or bag to it. Without contacting the metallic lines, blow softly across their whole surface. Fin cleaning helps speed up the cooling process. To ensure that your AC blows nice, fresh air into your room the next time you turn it on, spray the air conditioner cleaner on the fins and let them dry.

Turn on the auto-cleaning service

Reconnecting the device to the power source and ensuring the AC is functioning well is vital once you have securely repaired the damaged parts. Set the AC to maximum cooling and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes to drain all the possible unclean water that will escape once the machine starts up. Have a bucket and cleaning bag nearby to catch all the filthy water. A nice, fresh wind should start flowing into the room once the AC has spit out the unclean water.


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